Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
Paul Di Filippo

Two great tastes that taste great together

Last night I had a dream which featured a commercial product which does not, I believe, yet exist. And upon waking, I was struck with the actual potential of such a product. A product of surprising simplicity yet allure. Were I an entrepreneur, I'd be out raising venture capital this morning. Except all it actually needs to happen is some legal action on the part of already existing companies.

In my dream, I picked up a paperback of GET CARTER. Affixed to the inside back cover was a sleeve containing a DVD of the movie version. (Now, while I own the book (unread) and have the film in my Netflix queue, I can't say I've thought of either consciously for months. Go figure.)

And that's my concept.

Bundling films with books.

By daylight, this seems the most logical piece of marketing ever. Yet I can't instance a single such package.

Why aren't books paired with DVDs containing the filmic versions of their stories? Or, if you prefer, why aren't DVDs sold with books attached?

This seems like the most natural pairing imaginable, one that would encourage literacy and increase sales of both versions.

Suppose a mass-market paperback costs from $7-8. Suppose a DVD costs from $6-13. You see the film and want the book, or vice versa, and end up spending from $13-21 for both.

Any package that offered the pair at a lesser price would be a bargain.

Of course, you could still buy book or DVD separately.

You might have to increase the trim size of the mass-market pb to fit a DVD, but so what?

The "filmabook" or "bookafilm"!

"Hello, I'd like to buy the filmabook of DOCTOR ZHIVAGO." Or LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. Or KISS ME DEADLY. Or you name it.....

I'm sure the only stumbling block here is the competing rights of publishers and movies studios.

But they negotiate film-tie-in editions all the time.

If one or both properties were in the public domain, how much easier. Why doesn't every DVD of THE WIZARD OF OZ automatically come with Baum's novel attached?

You could even get creative. If a book or film didn't have a one-to-one match, make an appropriate one. Sell a copy of a Robert Aickman book bundled with CARNIVAL OF SOULS.

So, any feedback on this idea?
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