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Short Story: "Space Raptor Butt Invasion"

Note: I'm having a hard time posting this, possibly because I used a word LiveJournal doesn't like, a word starting with P and rhyming with shmornography.  Now that everyone knows what it is, I'm going to replace it with astericks and see what happens.

And so we come to Chuck Tingle’s “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” — and I find I have nothing to say.  This is probably because “SRBI” isn’t science fiction but gay dinosaur ****, and while I know a bit about the former, I know nothing at all about the latter.  Still, if you’re looking for gay dinosaur ****, this story is probably for you.

Okay, I do have something more to say.  Other books by Tingle, listed at the back, include “Taken by the Gay Unicorn Biker,” “Seduced by Doctor Bigfoot: Attorney at Large,” and “Turned Gay by the Living Alpha Diner.”  (This last is not about a person who dines but an actual restaurant.)  Chuck Tingle, whoever he is, certainly doesn’t lack for imagination.

I have no idea why this story was on the Rabid Puppies’ slate.